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Below are Frequently Asked Questions about the teaching licence QTLS.We have attempted to answer every single one, but if you feel like a question that you need an answer to is not listed here, speak to a Course Advisor or fill out the form on this page

If you miss a class you are free to repeat the lecture with another group of students. This is absolutely free of cost. All you need to do is request for a current timetable of anther group and join the class.
According to government legislations as of March 2012, the QTLS and the QTS are now viewed as the same qualification. They both follow the same procedure of knowledge-based and work- based elements with a specific number of workplace evidence. This acknowledgement is part of education reform to address the needs and expertise needed for 14-19 education reform and the new mandatory school leaving age of 18. Salaries and benefits are the same and now allows professionals with areas of expertise outside of the academia to be able to teach in compulsory education.
Yes schools, both primary and secondary are hiring holders of QTLS. From our own personal experience, almost all of our graduates are working in primary schools, secondary schools, PRUs and Sixth Form colleges.
The training is very similar in delivery to the PGCE. It covers areas of behaviour management, professional development, equality and diversity, assessment, working with 14-19 year age range and inclusion among others.

Your placement is supported by Teachers Train Teachers. We work with schools, colleges and other educational organization to match the right trainee to the right school. At Teachers Train Teachers a dedicated Placement Coordinator works with all trainees to get them into viable schools and colleges so that you can complete your 100 hours of teaching practice in a supportive and positive environment.



An experienced teaching consultants can help if you're ready to get into teaching or if you are looking to extend your career journey with Teachers Train Teachers.

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