Teachers Train Teachers Admissions Policy




The purpose of this admissions policy is to provide a fair and transparent process for accepting applicants into our academic program/school/organization.



This policy applies to all applicants who are seeking admission to our academic program/school/organization.


Admissions Criteria:

Admission to our academic program/school/organization is based on the following criteria:


Academic qualifications: Applicants must meet the academic qualifications required for the program/school/organization. This may include minimum grade point average, standardized test scores, and completion of prerequisite courses.


Personal qualities: Applicants must demonstrate personal qualities such as maturity, responsibility, and commitment to the program/school/organization.


Diversity and inclusivity: We value diversity and inclusivity and seek to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all students. As such, we consider applicants from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.


Admissions Process:

The admissions process for our academic program/school/organization is as follows:

Application: Applicants must submit a completed application, which includes personal information, academic history, and any other required documents.


Review: Applications will be reviewed by a committee of staff members responsible for admissions. The committee will evaluate each applicant based on the admissions criteria outlined in this policy.


Interview (if applicable): Some applicants may be invited for an interview to further evaluate their qualifications and fit for the program/school/organization.


Decision: Applicants will be notified of the admissions decision in a timely manner, based on the timeline set out by the organization. Admissions decisions will be communicated in writing and will include the reasons for the decision.


Enrollment: Applicants who are accepted must complete the enrollment process, which may include submitting additional documentation and paying a deposit to secure their place in the program/school/organization.


This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is up-to-date and in compliance with any changes to admission requirements or regulations.