What Role Should Teachers Play in Education?

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What Role Should Teachers Play in Education?

All teachers have a role to play in education. Not all of them are the same, however. Some are classroom teachers, and some are college professors. Some teach children, others college students. But they all have one thing in common — they help shape the minds of young people so that they can make informed decisions about their future.

It is essential that we support those who dedicate their lives to the field of education and the support available for them throughout their careers. From elementary school teachers to university professors, all teachers are important in their own way.

Importance of a Teacher

Between the ages of 3 and 6, a child’s brain is rapidly developing. The focus on learning and academics that parents put into their children during this period is critical. It’s a time when children are forming their identities, learning new skills and becoming aware of the world around them. This is also a time when they learn to relate to adults, especially those who play a role in their lives as teachers.

If your child has a teacher who’s not only excellent at his/her job but also someone who genuinely seems to care about the children in his/her classroom, their chances of learning are much higher. Not every teacher has this kind of effect on students. But if you’re lucky enough to work with someone like that, you’ll know it from the moment you first walk into the classroom.

The Roles of a Teacher

1.      Sharing Knowledge

When you become a teacher, you’ll be directly responsible for shaping the minds and futures of the students in your classroom. The most important job a teacher has is to share knowledge. By imparting your own learning processes on your students, teachers fulfil their role as guides to the world of knowledge.

2.      Encourage Students

It is important for a teacher not only to help students memorize or learn facts and ideas but also to challenge students to think about what they are learning critically. Teachers can help their students with this by being positive role models and motivating students to be good thinkers and problem solvers.

3.      Make Learning Fun and Interesting

A teacher plays the role of a companion in the process of teaching. Making learning a fun activity by using creative methods like storytelling, poem recitation, creating rhymes and mimes can capture the interest of students and make them enjoy being with their teacher.

And for youngins, when a teacher makes learning fun, engaging and interesting, they end up striking the right chord with children. This makes the kids like their teachers and looks forward to attending school.

4.      Furnish Real-Life Connection

Drawing real-life connections to subjects being taught is what great teachers do, and it also happens to be a significant part of the Common Core philosophy. History isn’t just a list of names and dates in a book; rather, it’s a series of events that impact how our society and world works today.

Understanding the role of a teacher is to work at connecting real life with the theoretical. This task requires much preparation on the part of the teachers.

5.      An External Parent

A parent is a child’s first teacher. But in the modern era where working parents can’t devote sufficient time to their kids due to their busy schedule, then the role of the teacher becomes significant.

The regulation and development of a student’s behaviour are two of the many functions that fall under the role of the external parent. Teachers provide guidance, encouragement and discipline to students during their classroom curriculum. As with any parent, they also offer advice or counselling.


The role of a teacher exceeded that of a teacher and expanded to one that embodies an ethic of service. Teaching can be a good investment in society because it enables students to learn, grow and develop into better adults. Teachers play an important role in social development. Needless to say, they play a crucial role in providing stability.

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