Information Advice Guidance (IAG) Statement version 2023

Teachers Train Teachers is committed to providing a high-quality IAG Service to all students, in support of their key skills development. This statement provides details of our service and the standards of delivery, responses. We aim to provide an independent IAG service to students wishing to consider accessing the training programmes, and associated services, offered by Teachers Train Teachers. and those already enrolled on a training programme with us. Our high-quality IAG service is vital to the success of the organisation. It ensures we place our students on programmes suited to their needs and subsequently contributes to our retention and success rates and their best outcomes.


Teachers Train Teachers endeavours to help individuals make informed choices about training and development opportunities in the context of their working lives and career development. Teachers Train Teachers also works in partnership with other providers and funding bodies that provide further options and choices and progression routes for students who require programmes not currently supported by Teachers Train Teachers. At Teachers Train Teachers, we support students develop their soft skills and abilities. The IAG Service applies to all our partners who are recruiting or have staff undertaking a training course of some description with Teachers Train Teachers, applicants to our courses and our students who are on our courses. Description of the Information Advice and Guidance Service: Teachers Train Teachers. provides all applicants and students with free and impartial IAG, and signposting in relation to their career aspirations and current situation, IAG is embedded within our programmes and delivered throughout our interactions. In addition to this, there are three key checkpoints where we ask everyone to consider IAG.

  1. During the application process in order to assist applicants in making the best choices for suitable training programmes for them and referring applicants who do not currently meet eligibility and/or entry requirements or wish to pursue a route not currently supported by Teachers Train Teachers.
  2. At the start of the programme during the induction session. We employ an assessment to agree appropriate individual learning plans, which considers each students aspirations, training needs, and situation.
  3. During the final stages of the programme to support students’ progression into relevant employment, higher education, or to further advance their chosen career prospects.







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