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Teaching in the UK is a great career start. If you’re someone who loves kids and working with young people then this is the occupation you should be looking for.  

Why become a teacher in the UK?

If you go to the UK Government website, you’ll see that there is always a shortage of occupations in healthcare and education in the country. And these are the jobs that are always in high demand. 

Some of the teaching jobs that are in high demand in the UK are:-

  • Primary and nursery education teachers
  • Secondary education teaching professionals
  • Teachers only for science, maths, and physics.
  • Computer science teachers

So, there’s a huge opportunity for you if you want to become a teacher in the UK.

What are the routes available to become a registered teacher in the UK?

BEd degree

If you want to become a teacher in primary and secondary school then this is the best route for you. This is a three-year undergraduate degree where you get skilled in initial teaching training and classroom management whilst gaining more in-depth knowledge in teaching practices. 

You’ll get formal learning as well as some practical working experience by working in a school during your placement weeks. 

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

This is one of the most common and efficient routes to becoming a teacher in the UK.  This course is for 9-12 months for graduates who wish to teach in high school. This course is funded by the government for the people in the UK only. 

You’ll get theoretical as well as practical knowledge by working at a school.  

Initially started with lecturing at a university, you then go to a school for a short placement of duration of 2 months where you’ll have to handle kids and also give a few lectures. 

One of the important parts of PGCE is that you have to make assessments like how you handle the situation when you have any behavior issues working with kids. 

You can apply online by going to www.gttr.ac.uk or www.ucas.ac.uk

Masters in Education

This is generally one year program where you’ll be having a higher level of independent work but also get one-to-one support from teaching staff.

The entry requirement for this course is comparatively very simple. You should have a 3-year bachelor’s degree from a UGC-recognized university and some work experience in the education field as a teacher.  

After successful completion of this course, you can get an opportunity to work in the education management sector or in the government department for education policy formulation and other related work. 

Eligibility criteria to become a qualified teacher in the UK:

  1. Degree- The first criterion is you should have a degree that allows you to go for an initial teacher training in the UK.
  2. GCSE grade C/4 in English, Maths, and Science(for primary education)- GCSE is a general certificate for secondary education 

If you don’t have the required GCSE score and you have overseas qualifications then you need to show that you have an equivalent level of education. You can also check the entry requirement of the institution to which you’re applying. 

  1. Qualified Teacher Status(QTS)– It is a license that allows teaching anywhere in the UK. It is not a legal requirement but it increases your chances to get selected if you’re applying for a university or school.

How do I become a teacher without a teaching degree UK?

If you don’t have a teaching degree and still want to become a teacher then you can apply for a Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training qualification and after this qualification, you can be able to apply for a QTS.

Teaching and Volunteering experience:-

You should consider having some teaching experience in school if possible. Or, look for an opportunity to work in a volunteering program or as a teaching assistant. You can also join some after-school programs and charitable organizations by working alongside children and young people. This will give you an edge over other applicants when you apply for any teaching role. 

Funding for teaching in the UK

A lot of people are not aware that teaching is highly funded in the UK and there are many ways you can get funded to train as a teacher. This is because of the growing number of teaching jobs and less supply. 


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